Top Five Worst Places to Sweat

Sweating is just a fact of life. In fact, if we didn’t sweat, we’d quickly overheat and find ourselves in a world of trouble. It’s perfectly acceptable to sweat while you’re mowing your lawn, weeding your garden, jogging in the hot summer sun, or even working out at the gym, but there are some times and places where sweat is certainly unwelcome.

This is not a comprehensive list.  Just a few of the worst places we could think of. If you have others...send them our way!

#1 – On a Date

Going on a date is an exciting prospect. Whether it’s your first date with a girl you met while shopping at the market or your fourth date with the guy from the park, sweating can certainly be embarrassing. Imagine sitting down to dinner and noticing growing sweat stains under your date’s arms. You might quickly lose your appetite, and chances are good he’ll feel quite embarrassed.

#2 – Meeting the In-Laws

Once you’ve been dating for a while, the time might come for you to meet her parents. It’s part of building a relationship, and it’s inevitable for many men. It’s a stressful event, too; the need to make a good impression is weighing on your shoulders. You certainly don’t want to shake hands with your girlfriend’s dad with sweaty palms, and you don’t want him to see sweat patches on your back, either.

#3 – During a Client Meeting

Meetings with an existing or prospective client can occur for many reasons. Perhaps you’re an interior designer and you’re meeting for coffee to go over your portfolio and your potential client’s needs. On the other hand, you might be a real estate agent who is showing a spacious home to a family who is prepared to buy. Sweating can make you look unprofessional and, let’s face it, downright dirty. It’s important to avoid it in these situations.

#4 – During a Business Meeting

Whether you’re simply listening to what’s being said or you’re scheduled to give a presentation, sweating during a business meeting can certainly throw you off. People may associate that sweat with nervousness, which in turn implies a lack of confidence. What’s more, sweating during a business meeting will make you feel uncomfortable and self-conscious, which could affect your overall performance on the job.

#5 – At a Job Interview

Interviewing for a new job is always exciting. After all, it’s a new opportunity with a new company, and it probably brings with it a better salary and much-appreciated benefits. You’ll want to look your very best and appear confident about your abilities. Unfortunately, sweating through your clothing does the opposite. It can make you appear unkempt and cause your confidence to take a hit. If your interviewer thinks you’re nervous about the job, he or she may pass you up and choose someone else.

You shouldn’t always feel embarrassed about sweating. In fact, there are some places where sweating is expected and even encouraged.

If you’re concerned about sweating in any of the aforementioned scenarios – as well as others – make sure you've tried out one of our sweat-wicking dress shirts.  You can check them all out here.


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