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Properly pairing a tie and a dress shirt is an art form. What we have learned over the years is that some men were born with the ability to match shirts and ties and some men will never be able to match socks. We are here to help all those men that struggle with matching ties and shirts. Matching socks will be for another day : ).

One of the top questions we get from customers is what tie they should wear with their Lawrence Hunt NO SWEAT Dress Shirt. We are going to break down our shirts between solid, stripe, and checked, and go from there. 

Solid Shirts

While some may say solid shirts are boring, there is always a need for a nice solid shirt. Whether it's for work, happy hour or formal events, make sure you have at least one solid shirt in the closet.  At Lawrence Hunt we offer a solid white, black, and a blue and red.  We always suggest adding some creativity to the tie when wearing a solid shirt.  Our friends at Bows-N-Ties have a ton of great options for you. You can go with floral, plaid, striped, or many other options. Our favorite to wear with solid shirts are polka dot ties: 

Image Courtesy of Bows-N-Ties

Checked Shirts

We love to pair solid ties with our checkered shirts.  The Brush, Cobb, Canfield, are a few of our favorites to wear with a tie. You can dress them up with a nice solid silk tie, or go for a more casual look. With a checked pattern you have a lot of options and different ways to style your shirt. One thing to make sure though is that the tie is a color that is darker than the shirt color. One of our favorite looks is the dark blue tie on a our Brush shirt, featured on our shop page.  Bows-N-Ties has a great dark blue option for only $5.90.  

Since the Cobb, Cedar, and Arbor shirts are typically more casual shirt options, we often suggest trying out a solid knitted tie

Image Courtesy of Bows-N-Ties


Striped Shirts

Striped shirts are typically more formal. The Adelaide is a popular option we have. We also have a thinner striped shirt arriving shortly. Obviously, a solid tie can always work with a striped shirt. But that's too easy. We recommend trying a patterned tie with checks or stripes. One of the first rules of tie pairing is to vary the size and scale of your patterns. For example, if you have a wide striped shirt, pair that with a skinny striped tie and contrast it by having it go in a different direction, i.e. diagonal.  Try this thin navy diagonal striped tie from Bows-N-Ties as a great option to pair with the Adelaide shirt. 


Image Courtesy of Bows-N-Ties

As always, if you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to us at info@ lawrencehunt.co. 



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