Our Story

In 2013, Jeff Schattner (Lawrence Hunt, Founder), was trying to enjoy a friend's outdoor wedding, but he could not stop thinking about how uncomfortable he was in his dress clothes on that 95 degree summer day. As a former Accountant, Jeff was no stranger to dress clothes, and he hated wearing them everyday to the office. Athletic apparel had evolved over the years. Why hadn't professional apparel?  Jeff, with a team of former Accountants, Teachers, and Sales professionals, set out to change professional apparel for the better, starting with the dress shirt.  

Lawrence Hunt, a "professional performance" clothing brand, launched in December 2015, was founded on the principle that clothing should be comfortable and make you feel confident. A shirt worn as often as the dress shirt, whether at the office or to a formal occasion should be as comfortable, functional and stylish as a shirt worn on the golf course. It should look good, move/stretch, breathe, and you shouldn't have to worry about embarrassing sweat stains when you lift up your arms.

The Lawrence Hunt flagship, "NO SWEAT" dress shirt is the first to combine two distinct fabrics into one article of clothing to take advantage of the benefits of both fabrics.

Lawrence Hunt's initial beta white men's dress shirt has grown into complete apparel lines for both men and women. Lawrence Hunt applies the same concepts and technologies used to make an athlete's uniform breathable, comfortable and resistant to sweat stains to its complete line of dress shirts, and it continues to look for new ways to innovate the professional apparel industry. 

-LH x Camp Casey charity event. 

Our Partners

Lawrence Hunt has teamed up with the best in the industry to create products that deliver. We couldn't succeed without the support of our partners. A few of our partners include:

E-Commerce Fulfillment facility.


Athletic-wear fabric supplier.


Investor Information

Performance Tech

high quality
100% Egyptian cotton

Moisture Wicking

moisture wicking
& breathable


4-Way Stretch

Enhanced Stretch



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