• Los Cabos Travel Giveaway Winner Announced!!

    0 comments / Posted by Jeff Schattner

    Thanks to everyone that entered!  Congrats to Cristobal C. Hope you enjoy your Lawrence Hunt shirts and travels to Los Cabos. 

    If you didn’t win, don’t worry; we’re running another giveaway right here.

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  • How To Properly Pair Ties and Shirts

    0 comments / Posted by Angela Cruickshank

    Properly pairing a tie and a dress shirt is an art form. What we have learned over the years is that some men were born with the ability to match shirts and ties and some men will never be able to match socks. We are here to help all those men that struggle with matching ties and shirts. Matching socks will be for another day : ).

    One of the top...

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  • Are you a "Lawrence" or a "Larry?"

    0 comments / Posted by Jeff Schattner

    When you wear a Lawrence Hunt Dress Shirt you feel confident. You feel cool, calm, and collected. You have the ultimate dress shirt of a high performer. A dress shirt worn by leaders in the locker room and clubhouse like Detroit Tiger James McCann, and New York Giant Sterling Shepard.  The only dress shirt to take advantage of two different fabrics. A dress shirt from the future.

    The 100%...

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  • When Best to Wear Dress Shirts, Formal Shirts, Sport Shirts, or Polos

    1 comment / Posted by Jeff Schattner

    When Best to Wear Dress Shirts vs. Formal Shirts, vs. Sport Shirts vs. Polos

    Having the right shirt for the occasion is a must, but knowing what shirt to wear and when is not as clear-cut as many men would like it to be. Here are a few guidelines you can use to determine which shirt you should pull from your closet.

    Dress Shirts

    Dress shirts are typically long-sleeved and...

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  • Appropriate Business Attire for Both Men and Women

    4 comments / Posted by John Glase

    Appropriate Business Attire for Both Men and Women (i.e. business casual vs. business formal)

    Many businesses these days have more than one dress code, calling for business casual attire on certain occasions and business formal wear on others. These two distinctions are quite different for men and women, which is why it is important to know the requirements for each one. The following guidelines will help you know which pieces...

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