Designed in Detroit with Pride. A background on Lawrence Hunt Fashion, and the resurgence of Detroit.

While the media has painted a bleak picture of Detroit, the truth is that there are plenty of startups out there that are working diligently to turn things around and rebuild Detroit. Lawrence Hunt Fashion is one of them.

Who Is Lawrence Hunt Fashion?

When you have to put on a suit and tie, whether to go to work, to attend church, or even to go to a nice restaurant with your spouse, what’s the one thing you hate about your clothing? It’s not the way it looks; after all, there’s nothing like a great dress shirt to make you look amazing. Chances are good that you dread putting on that suit because the clothing is simply uncomfortable, and you’d rather just stay home than have to bear a single minute of a tight collar, itchy fabric, and sweat. That’s exactly what Lawrence Hunt Fashion seeks to change. Our clothing is comfortable, functional, and stylish. You can dress up, but still feel like you’re wearing your everyday casual clothes.

Performance Technology

Lawrence Hunt is one of Detroit’s successful startups for a variety of reasons, but the company’s attention to every detail has carried us to success. We utilize what is known as “Performance Tech” in our garments, and this consists of four key things:

  • High-quality cotton that does not require ironing;
  • Anti-bacterial properties to keep odors at bay;
  • Moisture wicking, breathable fabric to keep you dry; and
  • Fabric that stretches in four directions to keep you comfortable in your dress shirt.

We have teamed up with other Detroit locals to create our shirts. They include Detroit Sewn, which sews the inserts into the shirts; Stella Color, which prints the patterns on the athletic wear and matches the prints on the cotton shirts; and Eclat USA, which supplies the athletic-wear fabric.

Incredible Growth and Validation

We have grown 10 times since we initially launched early this year. Over 95% of customers surveyed said they would buy another Lawrence Hunt shirt again.  Over 80% were likely to extremely likely to recommend Lawrence Hunt to a friend or colleague.   

More Startups in Detroit

Of course, Lawrence Hunt Fashion isn’t the only startup making waves in the Detroit area. Some of the others include Ambassador, which powers referral programs for major businesses like T-Mobile; Crowdrise, which is an online fundraising site that truly helps people get the money they need; FarmLogs, which offers some of the world’s most advanced farming software; and Sakti3, which sells incredibly efficient solid-state batteries.

Many startups are working hard to provide American consumers with better, more comfortable, and more reliable products. Detroit may have a long way to go to restore itself to its original state of success, but with companies like those listed above enjoying success, it’s safe to say that The Motor City is revving its engines once again.


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