Dress Shirts that Don't Show Sweat

Dress shirts have certainly come a long way in the last few decades. Once upon a time, they were stiff, starchy, and downright miserable to wear. Today, though, you can find performance dress shirts from many designers that offer up incredible comfort and benefits. Below are a few of our favorite performance dress shirts that fight sweat. 

Mizzen + Main

Mizzen + Main launched in 2012. Their performance dress shirts are stitched in the USA. Their shirts wick moisture away from the body, provide four-way stretch, fit like a glove, and go into the washing machine just like your favorite tee. 


Ministry (formerly Minisitry of Supply), also launched in 2012 and was a Kickstarter project by three MIT students. It offers dress clothes for men and women alike. They have four retail locations in the US – San Francisco, Washington DC, Boston, and Atlanta – but they also have a full online boutique. They offer more than just shirts, too; their collection includes pants, as well.

Lulu Lemon

Lulu Lemon, which is a clothing company headquartered in California, focuses primarily on athletic wear that is superior to many other brands. They have a few long-sleeve, button-down dress shirt options for men, as well, but the selection and colors are limited. Nonetheless, professional men who are athletes when off the clock are sure to find plenty of items here to keep them cool and comfortable no matter what the day brings.


Untuckit is a company that puts its focus on business casual. Their take is that most dress shirts are designed to be tucked in, which gives you very little wiggle room when it comes to relaxing at the end of a long, hard day at the office. Untuckit’s shirts offer contoured hem lines, comfortable access to pockets, and different fits that allow you to customize the way you look. 

Lawrence Hunt

Lawrence Hunt dress shirts have been specifically designed to offer up the performance and comfort of athletic wear but a look and fit that is perfect for the working professional. Our products suit both men and women alike, and we have the only shirt to combine two distinct fabrics, i.e. 100% cotton in the body and arms, and an underarm that wicks away moisture, stretches in four directions, fights odor, and allows you to stay cool under pressure. The best part about Lawrence Hunt is the affordability; when compared to the other designers here, you’ll pay far less but get the same or better quality clothing.

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While there is certainly no shortage of clothing designers out there working hard to provide performance clothing that is nice enough to wear in an office setting, it’s important to find the ones that offer you the best fit and the right price. The options shown above are all excellent choices for planning your new business and/or athletic wardrobe.


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