What's in a name?

One of the things companies struggle with most when launching is coming up with a name.  Most of you at one point or another have sat down with some friends over beers to come up with a business idea.  You think of the name, buy the domain that night, and then never speak of it again.  

It's harder than ever to come up with a great name.  In the past, before the internet, you can be whatever you wanted, as long as the business next door to you had a different name.  Now, if you want to have a strong internet presence, you're competing online with hundreds of millions of companies for a good name.  You want people to be able to search and easily find you.  You want them to remember it and come back.

Unfortunately, the domain for whatever name you've thought of is probably taken.  You have to then add a .ly at the end, or a .ify, or a "get" in front of the name.  

As an ecommerce clothing brand, a name is vastly important.  Everyone and their sister has started a clothing business, so you want to find a unique way to stand out.  Our name, "Lawrence Hunt" comes from Lawrence Hunt Schattner, our founder's father.  It is professional sounding and consistent with using a name like many fashion brands.  However, is it memorable?  Does it describe the unique, patent-pending design concept we have with our shirts. Does it even matter?  

 As we launch our brand in 2016, our name is something we have thought of a lot.  We want people to understand our shirts are unique.  We want to stand out amongst the clutter of dress shirt companies.  Does "Lawrence Hunt" accomplish that?  Does it even matter?  

Really, what's in a name?  If you become popular enough, and people like your product, the name is probably just an afterthought.  


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