How to Sweat Less in the Office

Sweating as you workout at the gym is fantastic. However, sweating while in the office is not so fun. The sense of accomplishment and working hard is less pronounced in the office, as it is in the gym.  Developing unsightly sweat stains at the office or during an important client meeting is embarrassing, and gives off the impression that you're nervous and unprepared. It does not have to be that way. While it is difficult to completely get rid of sweating, there are ways to keep it at a minimum.

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If you're not ready to purchase one of our shirts yet.  Here are some other ways to fight sweat in the office:


This is probably the first thing you think of when you have a sweating problem. Antiperspirants are made from a compound that forms a temporary gel plug on the sweat gland duct when applied on the skin. The gel plug prevents the sweat gland from secreting sweat. Over time, the gel plug is gradually removed from position thus allowing sweating to resume unless more antiperspirant is applied. While underarms are often the main focus area when it comes to sweating problems, do not neglect to apply antiperspirant to other potentially sweaty parts of your body such as the chest, back and hands.

Shave Hair 

Shaving under arm hair would seem like an obvious solution especially because the overwhelming majority of women already do so. However, men can benefit from shaved underarms too. Body hair not only prevents deodorants and antiperspirants from getting to the skin but it also traps sweat in place thus increasing fabric wetness. Getting rid of underarm and other body hair allows any sweat produced to evaporate faster before it comes into contact with the clothing fabric.

Reduce Coffee Intake

Coffee breaks are a great way to refresh the mind before resuming your work routine. However, some studies have shown that caffeine can affect the central nervous system and trigger higher levels of sweating than normal. That is besides the fact that taking it hot does directly raise body temperature. If you have to drink coffee, reduce the regularity until you attain a lower and more acceptable rate of sweating.

Going Surgical

If all else fails and especially if the sweating is excessive, surgical alternatives should not be ruled out. Find out from your doctor if it’s okay to get Botox injections as these are a proven way for taming extreme sweating. There are other surgical procedures with most being relatively non-invasive. Often, a single treatment session lasting just an hour or two at the dermatologist’s office will be sufficient since sweat glands do not regenerate. However, you may have to go for two treatment sessions for best results.

There are different ways you can address sweating in the office. A rule of thumb is to start off with simpler solutions such as reducing your coffee intake. You can then work towards other more drastic alternatives with surgery being the last resort.


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