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James "McCannon" McCann
Lawrence Hunt

James McCann, born June 13, 1990, is a 2019 MLB All-Star who currently plays for the Chicago Whitesox. James is considered one of the top defensive catchers in the MLB. James is from Santa Barbara, CA and played college baseball at the University of Arkansas. James was a pre-Med major at Arkansas and straight A student. McCann holds the modern major-league record for the number of consecutive games played behind the plate to start a career without an error. He's a pretty fashionable guy as well!

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What do you love about being a catcher?

"Being a catcher is the only position involved in every single play. Never a down moment. The mental side of the position is so much different than other spots on the field. Obviously physically challenges, but the mental side of the game of calling pitches and working with the pitching staff is what I love most."

James McCann's Favorite Looks:

Q&A with James McCann

What's your favorite thing to do when not playing baseball?

"In my free time when I'm not playing baseball, I enjoy to hunt and fish."

Any specific moment you knew you wanted to be a catcher?

"I just love baseball and have always wanted to play in the big leagues. As I got to High School I realized being a catcher was my best shot to get there, and that's when I decided that's what I want to be."

What's your favorite TV show and movie?

"My favorite movie is a classic...Gladiator. My favorite TV show is either The Middle, or Big Bang Theory."

What are some of your favorite brands you like to wear?

"Other than Lawrence Hunt, I enjoy wearing other Detroit brands like Shinola, John Varvatos, Carhartt."

Any advice you can give on leadership?

"Leadership is tough. Have to put your neck out there. Lead by the way you act and not by what you say. You act a certain way, people recognize it. People follow. Word don't always get that across. Actions speak louder than words."

Who inspires you?

"My parents are my inspiration. How hard they've worked in their life and what they've done to raise me. They are definitely my biggest inspiration."

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